Do you ever go to YouTube to search for something specific and end up down an absolute rabbit hole of videos that in no way relate to anything regarding your original search? Yeah, me too.

Earlier today during the Moose Morning Show, Renee and I were talking about some old businesses that used to exist here in Central Maine, and I was looking for TV commercials of those said businesses. Next thing I know I'm 20 minutes in on a 27 minute video of the late Bob Ross painting a picture of the Northern Lights.

Now, here's the thing- This happens to me all of the freaking time. I always end up on videos that in no way relate to my original intent, and it's usually easy to stop them, click away and go back to try my search again. However, today was different. As soon as this video started playing I couldn't look away. I don't know what it is about watching this guy paint, but it's absolutely captivating.

As I was watching this, completely forgetting that we were supposed to be hosting a morning show at the time, I felt glaring eyes behind me. I turned and realized that Renee had been sucked into the viewing as well. So there we were, just standing in the studio in awe of the artistic magic that Bob Ross was creating. I literally want to try and paint this now- and I'm horrible at that kind of stuff.

Go ahead, click play... But make sure you have nothing to do for the next 27 minutes because you won't be able to stop watching.

James Christmas Tree 2020

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