Alright...I'm all wound up about Sandy's visit. I don't usually get THIS worked up before the in-laws come over...but they aren't a hurricane! 

As you can see above, I got my storm necessities, too.  When I pulled into Chinaford (Hannaford in China) this afternoon, it was busy as Wal*Mart in Augusta is at 1 o'clock on any given afternoon.  People are getting ready!

I went to 32 General Store on the way back from Chinaford to pice up a couple things (gas and beer) and was pleasantly surprised to see the price below $3.60 a gallon.  Can you tell there's an election coming?

Sub $3.60 gas
Gas below $3.60 a gallon at 32 General Store

Seriously, I made sure the important things were taken care of before the big blow.  Below is my backyard sand pile (for target shooting).  I carefully covered it with a tarp. Oh, and I picked up a couple of Evan's little plastic balls off of the lawn so they wouldn't become deadly projectiles.  I told you, I'm not throwing caution to the wind (pun intended) with this one.

Covered sand pile
The sand pile behind the house that is my "shooting range." Gotta protect that from washing away!

If you're anywhere near as prepared as I am (I mean I just bought a 10 gigawatt generator and also bought a 5 gigawatt back up for it), you'll be able to sit back and bask in your complacency but keep the number to the insurance company handy :-)