Have you ever given thought to what you'd like to have done with your corpse after you bite the big one? Most people probably don't think about this kind of thing on the daily, but eventually it is something you'll want to consider.

Right now, in the state of Maine, you basically have the option of burial or cremation. Unlike a handful of other states that have legalized a new method, it is still illegal in Maine for your body to be 'yeeted into the compost pile'.

Also, I should probably specify, that with natural body composting, you don't actually get yeeted into a pile of compost. In fact, the process is much more professional and planned out.

According to the Kennebec Journal, a new bill in the Maine legislature would allow for 'natural organic reduction of human remains', or composting. However, the process is actually pretty intricate.

The way it would work is once you or a loved one kicks it old school, your body is wrapped up in a 'biodegradable organic matter', the KJ says that could be anything from woodchips to alfalfa, then you're placed into a sealed container like Tupperware (kidding). This would all take place at a state-licensed facility and not in the back 40 at your brother-in-laws.

The KJ reports that you stay in the Tupperware (it's not Tupperware) for about 7 weeks. After that, you are removed and allowed to cure like concrete for another handful of weeks. After you're all cured, your teeth and bone fragments are then 'pulverized' into oblivion and you basically become nutrient-rich soil. And the best part? The soil apparently doesn't even reek like corpse. The KJ reports that the remains are odorless.

After all that, what's left of your bod can be used to help feed trees or can even be tilled up into the family vegetable garden.

"MMmmm Diane, these tomatoes are on absolute fleek my girl. What are you doing differently this year?"

"Oh, remember my husband, Prometheus? After he died I put his remains in the garden. It gives the tomatoes kind of an 'Old Spice after shave' kind of flavor, don't you think?"

We will follow along with this story and keep it updated on the progression of the proposed legislation.

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