There is such a thing as phone envy. We know, because we suffer from it every time a coworker whips out an iPhone 5 and it reminds us of our iPhone 0 because we can't afford an iPhone. We hate those people. We'd hate them even more if they had a leather iPhone case. Leather iPhone cases are now available from J.Crew. Even their online description fills us with rage.

"Stand out from the crowd with this tanned leather iPhone case. Its polished veneer lends a gentlemanly air to your texting, emailing and video watching."

Awesome. The only thing we hate more than people with better cellphones are people texting, emailing and video watching with a "gentlemanly air." We might knock the gentlemanly air out of your gentlemanly lungs with a swift kick to the stomach.

In a gentlemanly way of course.