Looks like a crappy headline but there was no better way to put it. So many people re-share or copy and paste posts on Facebook that encourage others to do the same that it gets sickening. I like my posts to be original or shares of things I'm interested in or things that are cool. But, for the first time in my 3+ years of Facebooking, I shared something that asked me to because it touched my heart...

When it comes to my kids, Matt and Michelle, I have the best memories of my life because of them and the time I've spent with them. I was a lucky dad in that I was their caretaker every day after work while Marie Anne worked 3-11. That time in their formative years seems like a single breath ago. But, alas, it was many years.

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Nobody but a parent can know how true the statement in this little phrase is. Nothing like the true love of a child can give you these feelings that cause you to well up with memories of times long gone that you only wish you could bring back. I didn't want children when I first married. My life would have been so much less had I kept that mindset. Never once, through good times or bad, have I regretted having children to raise. And now, I have a grandson. I see my son's love for little Evan and I'm reminded of Matt's boyhood. One day he'll know how fleeting it is.

Matt, enjoy Evan's little hand in yours. It'll only be there for a season or two.

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