What’s Your Favorite Christmas Memory?
If you take away the toys and flash that is Christmas, you’re left with moments of time as memories wrapped up like presents in your mind. What are a few of your favorite memories as a child at Christmas that doesn’t involve gifts? I'll tell you a few of mine.
September – A Month For Nostalgia
September is month of emotion, it is memories of the first days and weeks back at school and weather changing. It’s the end of carefree summer fun (applicable if you’re a kid or teacher), it’s a time when we start looking towards colder weather and Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Jon James Does NOT Re-Share Facebook Posts EVER, Usually
Looks like a crappy headline but there was no better way to put it. So many people re-share or copy and paste posts on Facebook that encourage others to do the same that it gets sickening. I like my posts to be original or shares of things I'm interested in or things that are cool. But, for the first time in my 3+ years of Facebooking, I shared something that asked me to because it touched my h
California Dreamin’ + Prayers to Greg’s Grandmother
My Mom, Aunts and Uncles are all heading to California because of my grandmother’s health. She is 96 and day-to-day. I refuse to be down because she was always happy. Never a sad moment during my very limited time with her. I remember my trips to California visiting my grandparents as a kid and teen. I went in 1979, 1982 and 1986.