Nobody ever said it was going to be a "hot girl winter", because there's nothing hot about Maine winters.

Now, I am going to state the obvious, it is absolutely, unavoidably, rigidly, freezing outside! I haven't felt these type of temps since the time my friend locked me in a walk-in freezer when I was 12 because I told her I never got cold. I lost.

When you are forced to stay inside because the wind could freeze your face mid-sentence it can get a little tough. Frustration starts, exhaustion from shoveling takes place, and sometimes you even start to feel a bit of seasonal depression. You'd think that as Mainers, we'd get used to it, but I haven't.

Recently, a lot of us have been posting photos of memories online. Not just any memories but warmer memories, from a time we were soaking up the sun, ironing our bikini's, and gassing up the boats.

In order to give you all a little boost of vitamin e, I decided to share hot memories from Facebook commenters from my personal page.

From watching the fireworks on a hot July night, to dressing up as the Mario Brothers at the golf course, it helps put us all in a warmer spirit.

Don't worry, summer is right around the corner, well, 155 to be exact. So, until then, enjoy the photos below!

Mainers Wishing For Hot Summer Days Again

Mainer's Wishing For Fun Summer Days Again

It's Maine, it's freezing, and because of that, a lot of us have been posting memories from a warmer time. Here are some Mainers showing off their funniest moments from summer!

Local Maine Farmer Believes in Cruelty-Free Farming to Produce Skin Care Products

Local Maine Farmer Believes in Cruelty-Free Farming to Produce Skin Care Products

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