It's back to school time. Well okay, there are a few weeks of summer left, but this being a ‘Throwback Thursday’ I thought I’d reminisce about going back to school in the 80s.

Who remembers Trapper Keepers or as they were called in Canada, Note Totes? They were binders with sections for different subject and had pockets for things like pencils and erasers and whatnot. Trapper Keepers came in solid colors and also came in fresh and cool designs.

How about trolls? Those were the little thingies that we’d put on the end of our pencils that had long hair that some kids would brush.

Some of the big clothing brands in the 80s were Esprit for girls, who had one of those Benetton rugby shirts. I recall Hypercolor shirts as part of the wardrobe too. Hypercolor shirts were shirts that reacted to heat so if you wore one to gym class the shirt would look tie-dyed because of sweat.

Oversized tops with skinny bottoms, either jeans or spandex were huge in the 80s as well. Fashion accessories included banana clips, Swatches, and loads of hairspray. I remember some girls with hair to the ceiling. Alright, not to the ceiling but it was high.

Another fun thing about living in the 80s and going to school; remember, “scratch and sniff” stickers? We’d collect them, trade them and smell them. I had friends and classmates who had whole photo albums full of them and were proud and counted them. The aroma of all the stickers together was a bit much, but we didn't care.

We didn’t have iPods, we had Walkmans or Walkmen, I never knew which was correct, but anyway we had to rewind and fast forward cassettes to hear our favorite songs and we liked it.

We didn’t have Facebook or Instagram, if we wanted to tell a friend in class something you wrote a note and passed with the help of others hoping the teacher wouldn’t catch you and again, we like it.

Who remembers sniffing the purple ink on the teachers' handouts? I have no idea why we did it, but we did.

After school, we’d run home to watch the after school specials which were primarily on ABC. Usually the specials would carry a message for example advocating the inclusion of others, have an anti drug/alcohol message or talk about some other social issue or cause.

What are your memories of back to school or of being in school as a kid?

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