If you take away the toys and flash that is Christmas, you’re left with moments of time as memories wrapped up like presents in your mind. What are a few of your favorite memories as a child at Christmas that doesn’t involve gifts? I'll tell you a few of mine.

First and foremost for me, my fondest memories are of the food. I know many have ham on Christmas but we had turkey, basically a repeat of Thanksgiving as far as the meal goes. Not only did I love the turkey dinner, Mom made these cookies, like sugar cookies without the sprinkles, almost like thin shortbread but not as crumbly.

I often played with friends on Christmas between the gift opening and dinner as there was a bit of a lag where a turkey takes a few hours to cook.

I remember fondly watching Christmas specials on TV in front of the fireplace, that holds a special place. We weren’t allowed to watch a lot of TV as kids so it was by appointment and at a premium.

I was annoyed by it at the time, but we’d go to Midnight Mass, but looking back on it now, it really made Christmas Eve special. Vikki is still too young in my opinion to sit through a late night extended service but we’ll go as a family one year soon.

Another tradition was getting the Christmas tree; we always bought a real tree growing up. More years than not, it fell. Thankfully usually before putting ornaments on it.

If I sat here longer thinking, I could come up with a few more I’m sure but those would be my top five.

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