Whether you want to check out the maze yourself or have a little break while your kids get lost, safely, you have to check out the largest corn maze in New England.

I originally hail from Pennsylvania and that my friends is the land of the corn fields. So, I have most definitely been in a maze or two in my life. But I have never seen anything like this!

Apparently there is a one massive corn maze with incredible designs that will put all others to shame! Introducing the Great Vermont Maze located in Danville, Vermont on 1404 Wheelock Road.

The attraction has been open since July 29 and goes until October 15. Make sure you have enough time. Most people spend 2-4 hours.

This maze is 24 acres with an underground tunnel and bridges galore according to the site! It literally shows the spirit of natural creativity and entertainment! It's an amazing example of how a traditional agricultural practice can be turned into a captivating  experience!

If you're from Maine or New Hampshire, it's worth a road trip to check out with the fam! 

The dragon from 2021 is my personal favorite so far!

Great Vermont Maze
Great Vermont Maze

This isn't any old maze, it's a large-scale that has been a very popular attraction. People come from near and far to try to successfully travel through the maze. The Great Vermont Maze has been wowing tourists since 1999.

Honestly, I don't even know how they do this! Making the maze seems like a very  challenging puzzle and a lot of hard work! The detail is so impressive.

They call it "Cornfusion" which is spot on! So far, they have not shown the creativity of this years maze yet, but I am keeping my eye out.

For more information on all that this incredible maze has to offer, visit their website for tickets! 

Check out all of the incredible mazes from the previous years below.

The Largest Corn Maze in New England

Check out the most massive corn maze in New England and all the years before!

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