I think most of us in the Lewiston/Auburn area were shocked when we recently heard of the passing of local legend and street wanderer Punk Icee.

According to the Sun Journal, he died at 64 years old. He has had many names, with his original name being Clarence, according to the article. But he didn't much like it. He also went by Larry, but it didn't stick with him for long. He decided to legally change his name to Maka Van Damme, but ended this journey of names with Punk Icee. Those names are reported by the Sun Journal, but another publication known as Galaxy Land shared that his original given name was Darrell Sturgis.

The police would even question if that was his legal name, but Punk Icee would have his legal papers handy to prove that it was.

It seems a lot is still a mystery with Punk Icee. One publication stated that he was born and raised in Lewiston, and the Sun Journal reported that he grew up as a foster kid in Canton, Maine.

He also did not look 64 years old. I would have believed he was in his 30s or 40s because I am telling you, this man did not age.

A mysterious man, he could often be found walking through the streets of Lewiston/Auburn gathering recyclables. His head was always wrapped in a bandana with a buttoned-up plaid shirt. His robust appearance was evident, accentuated by his tan skin and well-defined muscles. He seemed strong, and although it looked as though he did not have a home, he did not look sickly.

Mark Laflamme, writer for the Sun Journal, posted about his passing on Facebook.

As Punk walked through the streets, in the numerous encounters I myself had with him, witnessing a smile on his face was rare, if at all. This is not to indicative that he never smiled though.

According to the report, he was occasionally apprehended in a police cruiser, engaging in some mischief.

His presence was so widely recognized in the Twin Cities that a dedicated Facebook page was created, titled "Where is Punk Icee?". Fostering nearly 2,000 followers, people would share pictures of their sightings of him around the town.

The community has been so captivated by the fascination and mystery of Punk Icee and his whereabouts and activities.

So fascinated that even a local singer, Thomas "Bummah" Gurney wrote a song about him called "Punk Icee" and put it on YouTube. 

It was reported on that Punk Icee was found dead, according to Medico Topics at a group home in Auburn. The reason for his death is unknown at this time.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who followed and loved this local legend.

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