Lewiston PD has announced that they are performing an OUI checkpoint in Lewiston. This announcement came on the Lewiston PD's Facebook page on the afternoon of December 5th stating,

"The intent of this safety checkpoint is to provide a high visibility public safety service, focusing on operator impairment. Please drive responsibly and have a SAFE Holiday Season. (FYI- We must make an attempt to inform the public prior to administering such a detail.)"

Lewiston PD

 I agree that this is crucial for public safety and administering these safety checks will help keep our community protected from those who unfortunately make bad decisions behind the wheel. We need to continue to guard our cities and provide a sanctuary for our neighbors because drinking and driving take lives and it's a serious issue that needs to be addressed and consistently checked on.

However, do you agree with Lewiston PD openly warning us? Is announcing that an OUI checkpoint will be conducted publicly, counterproductive? Does it give people a heads-up to maybe stay away from Lewiston? They didn't assign which roads they will be posted on but they still let us all know when, Friday, December 17th, and at which time, from 8 pm until 2 am.

A commenter on Facebook posted:

"Kinda defeats the purpose I would think to warn people ahead of time about road blocks to check for those driving under the influence. Rules are rules tho and I understand that."

It remains to be seen if announcing this to everyone helps or hurts the objective and intention to keep the community safe, however, I am proud to live in a city that has protectors and exceptional citizens that never stop striving to keep us secure in our beloved city of Lewiston!

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