I recently told a story about pickle juice. I was grabbing a pizza box from the refrigerator and it knocked over my pickle jar. The jar crashed on the floor and pickle juice went everywhere.

I ran to grab a towel from the bathroom and swapped it all up. I then, not thinking, put the towel back on the hook, next to the shower instead of in the washer.

I proceeded into the bathroom, took a shower and as I was finished, I grabbed a towel. Not just any towel, it was the drenched pickle juice towel.

I didn't realize it until after I fully dried my hair with it. Even though I washed my hair again, I walked around smelling like pickle juice for a while.

I told this story on the air the next day and I guess it traveled, far, because someone in Germany sent the morning show a message about it.

Loved the pickle juice story! You should be a Stand-Up Comedian at the Comedy Corner in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I got a good laugh from that story, and enjoyed the Humor on your radio station 92 Moose from the State of Maine. Believe it or not, I‘m living nearby, and working at Ramstein AFB, Germany. 92 Moose is a piece of home (Bangor, Maine) that I hold dear to my heart ! Hope you all have a Great New Years 2023 !

A Loyal Listener, Brian

Having listeners who are not only loyal to the show, but send confirmation on the App-Chat on what we do is the most rewarding part of my job.

The App-Chat is how we were able to be connected with someone all the way in Germany!

I know that normally we highlight younger fans of the show but our adult listeners are our rocks!

Brian is a self-described loyal listener, he lives all the way in Germany, specifically Ramstein working at an Air Force Base and because he is originally from Bangor, Maine he has decided to feel closer to home by listening to us.

You too can hit us up at any time but using the free 92 Moose app, press the "message us" button and we can talk about anything you want! Send us pictures, talk about life, you can even make a shout out and we'll put you on air! Download the free Moose app now!

Thank you Brian for keeping a little bit of Maine with you in the form of us!

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