Are you ready for an epic tale of fate and fortune? Here it is... Friday night at the concert Luke looked at me. The end.

No really, that's basically what happened in a nutshell. However, if you want a little bit of a backstory, I got the hookup.

My wife and I have been mega-fans of Luke Combs long before he was headlining stadium tours. We've seen him a total of four times now and the first couple of shows was when he was just an opener for (at the time) much larger country acts. Sure he had a song or two that people who listened to country radio might recognize, but nothing like the catalog of hits he has now.

We've had tickets to this Boston show (the last one of the entire tour!) for just under two years. Due to COVID the show had been temporarily canceled and then rescheduled. To be honest, we weren't sure we'd ever get to see this show. Well, we finally did.

We had pit tickets to this concert and there were four different pits around the stage. This is because of the circular stage design allowing for seating and views from any position in the arena.

During the show Luke would work all areas of the stage providing a kickass show to all those in attendance. Since we were in the pit and right up against the stage, we were as physically close to Luke as we could be without being removed by security.

During the show while he was standing on our end of the stage, he glimpsed down momentarily and we locked eyes... I swear. My wife will argue that since it's 'technically' a photo that she took, that he was staring into her eyes. I beg to differ, I was wearing the cuter top.

Check out some photos from our incredible weekend trip to Boston!

Luke Combs @ TD Garden, 12-03-2021

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