These Top 10 lists are common but fun when a local business or landmark makes one. I have the “Top 10 Oyster Bars in America” and one in Maine is on the chart. Can you guess which?

Eventide Oyster Company is one of the ten best oyster bars according to an article written on CNN’s website. Below is the write up about Eventide in Portland on CNN.

"Turquoise walls make a fitting backdrop for this overflowing oyster bar, where stakes in the ice categorize the bivalves as "from Maine" or "away." The Old Port area restaurant does New England classics like lobster rolls and chowder along with creative offerings like Kim Chee Ice or cucumber ginger. Eventide's Chinese-style steamed bun, filled with crispy fried oysters, tomato, and tart pickled daikon, red onion, and jalapeño, is a standout." - CNN

Do you like oysters? I’ve only had oysters once or twice that I can recall and both times they were raw on ice. It took me a little coaxing to eat one but if you can get by the idea of eating raw seafood, they’re pretty good.

Whether you like them or not, congratulations to Eventide Oyster Company!

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