Imagine cleaning out an empty house and finding an heirloom treasure that knocks you off of your feet. Well, it happened and it happened locally.

I recently bought a house and in order to fix up and remodel a house, you have to have a contractor. We connected with our Realtor, Linda Davis and she introduced us to Kelly. Kelly is the kind of guy you want to have around. He is colorful, warmhearted, and has fantastic stories about life.

I had asked him at one of our meetings about his work and if he has ever found anything interesting or bizarre in any of the houses that he's worked in. The story that follows will never leave my brain because it's not just a cutesy find, it has meaning, and purpose and I believe it happened for a reason.

Two years ago, Kelly was cleaning out a house in Lewiston. He was in the basement ready to clean out a pile of wet belongings that were left by previous tenants.

Kelly said, "The magic is that everything was very wet and smelly." When things become moist, mold grows. There was a lot of mold and a very strong odor. He was tasked with removing all of the trash out. However, not all of it was trash. It was very curious as to why what he had uncovered had zero water damage. 

He cleared through each item until he got to the bottom of the pile and when he did, the heavens opened, literally. Normally, when items like that are removed from a house, they go straight to the dump and I know they feel luckier than ever not to have mistakenly thrown this out. However, it showed itself to them so obviously, they never would have missed the sign.

Kelly said,  "As we moved all of the trash out there she was and I swear the room got brighter."

Staring up at him in this heap of moldy trash lay a pristine, late 1800s Bible. Not a common bible that you find in a hotel room or one they have available in the pews at church.

This bible's first printing was in 1881. It has detailed metal clasps, some of the illustrations are in color, and it has thousands of pages. One half of the bible is the actual bible and the other half is a biblical dictionary and reference.

Kelly went on to say, "I believe it was sent to me from God to be given to my wife and save from certain destruction."

I was lucky enough to see this Bible in person and just the feel of it gives you a sense of how powerful the energy is surrounding it. How many people touched it, read it and whether you are religious or not, the ancient and historic vibe of it is intense.

Now, the story isn't over, this find wasn't just random in my opinion, it was destiny. Kelly is a contractor, a good one, and his wife Kim, is an ordained minister. So I believe that this was fate. You may feel like you are the one that finds something but in many cases, I believe it finds you.

This bible belongs to these amazing people because they aren't planning on profiting off of it, they want to keep it in the family and create their own personal family heirloom out of it.

A deacon at the Auburn Baptist Church was extremely interested in having this bible but Kim won't part with it.

Next time you're in an old house, don't hesitate to look around and check to see if there are any hidden treasures, you never know what you're going to find.

Please enjoy this photo gallery of the Pristine Late 1800's Bible Found in Heap of Moly Trash

Pristine Late 1800's Bible Found in Heap of Moly Trash

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