Sure, the picture on this article should probably be a Chickadee, don't ya think? But naturally the service we have an agreement with to obtain images doesn't have any of a Chickadee- so you get a Bald Eagle, now settle down and let's chat.

Back in 1927, (I remember it well) the Maine legislature determined that the Chickadee would be the Maine state bird. That's all well and good but do you have any idea how MANY varieties of Chickadees we have here in Maine?! Two. Yeah, you were expecting some staggering number like 73. We have the Black Capped Chickadee which has a black head and black, white and brown body, and the Boreal Chickadee with a brown head and brown white and great body.

So WHICH Chickadee is actually the Maine State Bird? Well, no one actually knows. Rep Betty Austin of Skowhegan has asked Maine lawmakers to make up their mind. I'm not sure how I'll even sleep knowing this big decision is looming in the chambers of our state's capital!

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