According to WGME, someone's conscience decided to give them a wake up call and it was beautiful.

Now, a ticket for the 150th Cumberland Fair costs $12 per person. It was extremely busy on Wednesday night someone snuck in without paying for their ticket.

Wednesday evening was an incredibly busy night, as staff were preoccupied with their numerous responsibilities, such as helping fairgoers park their vehicles.

Elizabeth Tarantino- Secretary of the Cumberland Fair 

Elizabeth believes someone must have been able to walk right in while a part of the entrance was left unsupervised.

This must have started to affect this unidentified person because the next day the attendants spotted a $20 bill with a note attached to the window of the building at the entrance.

The note read,

This is for an unpaid ticket – thank you

Unidentified Person

After seeing this, the Cumberland Fair went to Twitter and posted a photo of the note and cash along with this sentiment,

There are good people in the world!!! Whoever you are, Thank YOU for your honesty!!!

This goes to show you that no matter what the circumstance was, someone felt the need to right the wrong. It's a beautiful thing to see and that one act of redemption will spread to everyone that reads this glorious story.

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