Ah, the eternal cycle of closet cleaning; emptying out the clutter only to refill it with more stuff.

I recently took part on this journey myself. I ended up very successfully purging out seven bags of clothes from my closet, only to find myself instinctively restocking the empty shelves.

But then comes the inevitable dilemma: what to do with those bags that linger by the door for weeks on end.

Cue my wife's annoyed cry, "Elizabeth, donate these clothes already!" So, off to Goodwill I go.

You'd think you could donate just about anything, but as it turns out, Maine Goodwill stores have their limits! Whether it's for safety reasons or not, who knew there were over 30 items the store won't touch with a ten-foot pole? Well, there are. For example, pianos are a no-go. To me, that makes sense.

Of course, some items just scream "bad idea" when it comes to donations like guns, ammo, and weapons. That's just common sense, right?

But then there are the surprises. Like, who would've thought that Goodwill won't take bunk beds or a humidifier?

So, if you're in the midst of decluttering your home and planning to donate, take a moment to check out the full list of items that your local Maine Goodwill won't accept.

You might be in for a few unexpected discoveries. Check out the list below.

Maine Goodwill Will Not Accept These Items

'Tis the season for clearing out closets and donating, but here's a fun fact: Maine Goodwill isn't a catch-all for everything you want to donate!

Gallery Credit: Lizzy Snyder

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