Are you a lover of the movie Twilight like I am? There is just something about that series that just sucked me in. Pun intended. What's better then vampires and wolves? Well, I'll tell you. You can buy the house that looks almost exactly like the Cullen's home in the movie.

According to, I found this house sitting in the forest of Cape Elizabeth. It is for sale for, $1.85 million dollars. Located at 12 Littlejohn Road it sits on 1.3 acres, has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

The house is very rare and considered a, "masterpiece" and is positioned right across from Fort Williams Park and Portland Headlight, according to post. 
The deck is very large and it is placed directly inside of the lovely treetops with an abundance of plants on the property.
Laurel LaBauve with Cottage & Co Real Estate via
Laurel LaBauve with Cottage & Co Real Estate via
This house has a custom fireplace and a fully finished lower level. You can really feel the modern but warmth charm that this property puts out.
Their are a couple show stoppers to this house including the wide open and contemporary yet tradition feel it has inside. But to me, the porch outside gives the wow-factor because it is so similar to the Twilight Series. Specifically Breaking Dawn Part 2.
You can reenact the scene where Bella was yelling at Jacob, "You named my daughter after the Lockness Monster?"
That would be fun. Then, maybe you'd turn into a wolf or vampire. You never know.
Furthermore this house is presented by Cottage & Co Real Estate by, Laurel LaBauve.
Take a closer look at the house below. You will be able to see the similarities from the scene in Twilight, Breaking Dawn and also appreciate the house for it's unique architecture.

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Do you love Twilight, the series? I do and I found a house in Cape Elizabeth, Maine that looks exactly like the Cullen's house from the movies and it is for sale!

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