The Maine Lobster Festival, which known for its normal animal encounters, had an unexpected visitor this year. Among the tourists from all over, a Maine Coon Cat made a surprising appearance that caught everyone's attention. Not to mention, his bow-tie is the perfect touch!

The Lobster Festival via Facebook
The Lobster Festival via Facebook

Everyone was very pleasantly surprised to see Mowgli, a Maine coon cat, who could very well be the very first coon in history to attend the legendary Lobster Festival.

As the post shows, Mowgli, may've earned the distinction of being the first feline ever to grace the renowned festival alongside his owners Amanda and Reece Satre from Iowa.

Wait, IOWA? How cool is that? I love how far people travel to come and enjoy our beautiful state and it's attractions!

The unexpected presence of this massive cat added an extra layer of excitement to the festival.

Mowgli is already on Instagram sharing how majestic he is. You can follow him here! Mowgli was on a leash enjoying the day and all of the looks from passerbys!

Maine Coon cats are obviously one of the most fascinating cat breeds ever in the world. That's a personal opinion coming from a cat lover. My cat, Charli Benedict Cumberbatch has one ear and is a medium sized black cat. The Maine Coon is a way of life, it's like a vibe.

These majestic cats have captured the hearts of cat lovers around the world with their unique characteristics, striking and sexy feline looks, and charming personalities.

It's cool to see a couple showing off their little buddy at the Lobster Festival in Maine!

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