Lucas Kinney is an ambitious young man from Caribou, Maine. He fearlessly went for his dreams and pursued his passion for sound technology. With hard work, he earned his degree from NESCom and embarked on an epic career in Live Sound Technology. This all comes from a very proud post from New England School of Communications Facebook Page. 

Recently, Lucas found himself in an extraordinary position, standing shoulder to shoulder with one of the music industry's most iconic figures on a stage that has witnessed countless legendary performances. Working alongside none other than Elton John, he played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the artist's awe-inspiring performance at the renowned Glastonbury festival.

In 2022, Lucas joined Sir Elton on stage working for the company Clair Global as a PA Tech.  But since then, his duties have grown. For Glastonbury, Lucas took on a bigger role as a stage tech and was able to work with the choir as well.

As the post states, he also helped the BBC with the broadcast which truly highlighted his knowledge with the stage tech world.

Lucas's journey shows us what can be achieved through determination and a deep love for one's dream. His collaboration with a global music icon like Elton John is a testament to his amazing talent and commitment to his chosen profession!

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