Rollar Derby is a very high-intensity contact sport and also dangerous, but Trisha DiFonzo, a Mother of three, fell in love with the sport because it "helped her break free."

Her derby name is, "TrasHer BumKiss". All derby athletes have creative stage names.

She skates with Green Mountain Roller derby in Vermont. TrasHer is Originally from Litchfield, Maine.

Why would someone join derby? She needed an outlet and was the "classic Mom," President of the PTA, and also ran a daycare! She yearned for more purpose and it strengthened her self-love as well as gave her friends who have become family.

She moved to Vermont and signed up for Roller Derby Rookie Bootcamp where she was referred to as, "fresh meat" by the veterans but, with lots of hard work and dedication, she became a Grade A Fancy Skater on the Rostered League in 2016 and has skated with Green Mountain of Essex ever since.


TrasHer BumKiss via Facebook

Rollar Derby is a physically demanding sport because you are roller skating on a track with 9 other skaters with metal and wheels strapped to your feet!

She has seen many broken legs and collar bones but she has been lucky enough not to have had any serious breaks herself.


TrasHer BumKiss via Facebook

Roller has given her a community of peers that come from all walks of life with such a diverse background. Everyone is welcome in derby and she's been able to travel all over just to lace up her skates and knock out some aggression.

TrasHer Bumkiss via Facebook

Because I've seen this sport in movies, I assumed that violence might be a part of the sport so I asked her, "So do ya'll really punch people?" and she answered by telling me that is NOT how it works. They are not there to hurt people but to test their bodies and minds. Derby takes fine footwork skills, endurance, and lots of hours of training.

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