It's always exciting when Maine makes it to the big screen. And, because of Stephen King, there's no shortage of popular movies about fictional characters from Maine and scenes that were set in Maine.

However, there is a new cinematic masterpiece that will be coming to theaters and streaming services this summer about the Pine Tree State.

For many, the story will be a familiar one as the original story, told in a popular book, was required reading for most of us in grade school.


The new movie, about an old story, is based on Donn Fendler's story "Lost on a Mountain in Maine." The story follows a young man who got lost from his family on Maine's largest Mountain, Katahdin.

The plot of the true story, according to Google Books,

When twelve-year-old Donn Fendler gets tired of waiting for his father and brothers to join him on the summit of Maine's highest peak, he decides to find his own way back to camp. But Donn doesn't count on a fast-moving fog that obscures the path. He doesn't count on falling down an embankment that hides him from sight. And he doesn't count on taking a turn that leaves him alone to wander aimlessly for nearly two weeks in the empty mountain wilderness.

According to WGME 13, though the movie is about Maine, it wasn't actually filmed in the Pine Tree State. Instead, the feature film was shot in the Hudson Valley near Ulster County, New York.

The cast features Luke Davif Blumm playing the part of Donn Fendler and Caitling Fitzgerald (Camden, Maine) and Paul Sparks playing the roles of Fendler's mom and dad.

The film is expected to be released to movie theaters and streaming services in the summer of 2024.

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