Two things we have plenty of in Maine these days- Ticks and free time.

Have you ever been searching YouTube for something you actually needed to watch? You know, like "how to put this crib from Target together"? Yeah, me too. Well, turns out if you don't stop playing the video when you're done, YouTube will just keep playing things it thinks are related and that you might want to see.

So as I'm assembling this crib yesterday, my YouTube account just keeps playing videos from the "recommended for you" part of my account. Typically it's 90's country songs, coco melon for the kids, or as in this case, how to assemble something without instructions.

After about half hour or so of a mix of music and brake caliper replacement videos, this popped up. Turns out it's a Maine band from Lovell called the Flooded Cellar Band. Here's is one their greatest Maine hits entitled 'Check Me For Ticks'.

Check it out!

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