According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, RSU 4 bus driver Amanda Severy has been honored for saving a school bus full of children.

On the morning of Nov. 7, 2018, she was giving a final exam to a trainee driver.  The plan was for the trainee to take the kids home that afternoon.

Even though he had been dealing with a cough, the trainee was feeling better that morning.  Severy was chatting with some of the students when the trainee signalled to turn on to School Road toward Oak Hill High School. The bus turned too early.  Severy looked over and saw the driver slumped over the wheel, having a heart attack.

Despite being 7 months pregnant, the bus driver of 12 years, jumped into action.  She fought to regain control of the bus, preventing it from driving into a ditch.

Her quick thinking prevented the injury of nearly two dozen students.

On Friday, the Maine State Police presented her with a Special Award of Commendation for saving the bus full of children.

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