An incredible discovery was recently made when a Maine woman's Mom discovered her 1976 Barbie collection.

Finding Barbie dolls from 1976 can be a nostalgic and exciting experience and that was the case for Michelle Gosselin Ervin of Lewiston. Especially for collectors or individuals who have cherished memories associated with these vintage dolls.

Barbie dolls have been popular since their introduction in 1959, according to Indian Express. They were invented by a mom named Ruth Handler. Motivated by her daughter's fascination with adult-like paper dolls, Ruth Handler introduced Barbie to the American market in 1959.

As we all know, Barbie is bigger then ever right now with the recent release of the Barbie movie starring Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

Michelle, originally from Oakland, just recently celebrated her 50th birthday and as a surprise, her Mom, Marlene Jolicoeur brought her the beloved Barbie's from her past!

As Michelle says, she packed them in a closet when her mother moved 25 years ago.

"With the new Barbie movie out in theaters she thought it would be cool to wrap them up and give them as a gift!! I was speechless!"

Michelle went on to say that her mom only saved a few which ended up being two Barbies, one Ken and Skipper, who was Barbie's younger sister.

Michelle Gosselin Ervin via Facebook
Michelle Gosselin Ervin via Facebook

She only saved a few which ended up being two Barbie's, one Ken and Skipper who was Barbie’s little sister.

Like most of us, Michelle spent hours playing with these dolls. She also had the RV, Camper and horse trailer.

Michelle Gosselin Ervin via Facebook
Michelle Gosselin Ervin via Facebook

Michelle told me the memories came flashing back when she unwrapped that box!

She had about 12 different Barbie dolls with a trunk full of clothes and accessories.

She wishes now that she saved them all to pass down but the moral of the story is to hold onto the precious items from your childhood because you never know when they will make a come back!

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