According to WCSH 6, a 20 year old woman from Gorham has gone viral on TikTok for a series of pranks she pulled on her parents.

When Isabelle Burke's dad and step-mom decided to get divorced and sell the house she had grown up in, she decided to make viewing the house a little more interesting for potential buyers.

Inspired by "the toilet is smoking", her three prank videos have gotten a total of three million views.

First, she used a cut up paper towel tube and a couple of tolls of toilet paper to give the toilet a funny face.  Then, she sabotaged the FOR SALE sign on the lawn.  Finally, she put red chemicals into the family pool, making it look like someone had been slaughtered in it.

Isabelle was convinced that her dad was going to be angry.  It turns out, he wasn't.  He had been watching her pull her pranks from the window and even made his own reaction video to what she was doing.

Apparently, the potential buyers weren't phased, either.  They ended up putting in an offer on the house.

See all of the videos HERE

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