One Mainer has embarked on a courageous literary endeavor. Meet Chris Davis, a brave Mainer who has written a captivating memoir chronicling her extraordinary journey as an ex-Mormon Lesbian.
I am beyond over-joyed to have spoken to Chris and I can't wait to tell you all about it.
She was thrilled to share her story of being a queer woman in the Mormon church with the world!
The impact she's already had on the L/A community is deep and inspiring. As we celebrate Pride Month in Maine, it's so motivating to see people who are making a difference.
Chris Davis via Facebook
Chris Davis via Facebook
Let's get into this incredible book. It's called, "Worthy: The Memoir of an Ex-Mormon"
Chris recently did a reading at Obscura and shared the chapter called “A Fight of Black Belt Proportions."
Chris told me,
In which I first tell about my experience as a martial artist and then relate my fighting skills to standing up for my 15-year-old who came out as non-binary.
Chris told me that she grew up in a Mormon household in Bangor, Maine.
In her early twenties, she devoted herself to a full-time mission for the Mormon church in California, followed by a sacred marriage ceremony in a Mormon temple located in Utah.
After Chris spent 25 years raising a family in Connecticut, she felt the undeniable pull of her heart, beckoning her back to the beloved state of Maine.

The defining moment came when her youngest child revealed their own truth at the age of fifteen, which helped the author to reconsider the messages she wanted her child to internalize.

Although I had been a closeted lesbian for many years before that, and I was used to hearing the harmful rhetoric about queer people at church, when the bishop started aiming that talk at my kid I knew I had to make the painful but necessary break from the church.

Chris Davis

Together, they made the tough decision to step away from the church, even as their father and older sibling remained devout.

This is bravery.

This memoir is my first solo book, however, I contributed an essay in an anthology called I Spoke to You with Silence, about queer Mormons, which was published by the University of Utah Press last year. 
Chris Davis

Even though the journey has not been without it's obstacles, they have managed to  stand, united.

The author's memoir, which pulled both laughter and tears from the audience at her recent reading, offers you an important and relatable narrative. Some find themselves bursting into laughter, while others are moved to tears.

This is real experience from a real person with real internal bravery and power.

At its core, this memoir is a tale of hope and resilience and serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit within us all.

Chris shared that love wins and she couldn't be more spot on.

In order to support Chris and follow along on her journey of authorhood, visit her Facebook page!  

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