I'll put it to you honestly, winter sometimes stinks. Yes, the sun streaming onto the freshly fallen sparkly snow is beautiful to look at but the cold temps, shoveling, and storms stink. Am I right?

Maine has so many incredibly fun activities and sports to take part in outside during the winter months, however, it's very important to our sanity to be able to bring our kiddo's somewhere indoors during the impossibly cold, snowy days.

It is during those days that we need to get out of the house, stretch our legs, and let the kids run wild after being cooped up for days. FunZ Trampoline Park in Lewiston is a spot that gives you everything you need to entertain your children and yourself, especially in the winter.

Located at 40 East Avenue in Lewiston, FunZ is a trampoline park, that involves parkour, ninja challenge, basketball & dodgeball, a foam pit, a soccer zipline and lot's of other activities for toddlers. They also offer parties and special group events. This is all according to their Facebook Page. They have also announced recently that they have upgraded their party rooms to 4 extra rooms.

They run specials a lot and have recently promoted a Black Friday, "All Day Jump" special for one price of $20 for as long as you can jump.

The prices are as follows from their Facebook Page, 

Big Jumpers are $18 for 1 hour
Little Jumpers under 46 inches are $12 for 1 hour
Jump Socks (mandatory) are $3.50 per pair plus tax

The site offers arcade games and one in particular has blown my mind and my sons. All I can tell you is that you put a helmet on and it takes you to a different world. I'd suggest checking that out as soon as you go!

So, if you are looking for a spot to bring the kids on a snowy or rainy day, or any day for that matter, FunZ Trampoline gives good exercise and good memories. Check it out on Facebook. 

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