This amazes me how a man can still have a valid driver's license with 10 Operating Under the Influence (OUI) (Drunk Driving) charges. Yes with his 11th OUI arrest his license has been revoked.

A Worcester Man, 60 Year old David Silvestri, was pulled over at 2 am in Auburn, MA for driving without headlights on and going 20 mph under the speed limit Friday morning and in the end getting his 11th OUI.

With about I’m about to write by no means do I condone tipsy or any other kind of driving under the influence.

I can see how someone using bad judgment but after getting caught once, you’d think a person would learn their lesson. If someone was to be pulled over for a second time for drunk driving, it would be a good indication that the lesson wasn’t learned and probably would be a good candidate for help in a recovery program. If none of that stopped someone and they were pulled over a third time, then it’s time to yank the license permanently. Or maybe suspend their license for 10 years and re-evaluate whether the habitual drunk driver has sobered up. (like parole hearing).

All this mentioned above of course if the drunk driver driving didn’t harm anyone while intoxicated.

I know Pittston Rep. Tim Mark (D) has sent forth a bill that would make penalties stiffer on the worst offenders here in Maine to keep people like Silvestri from getting behind the wheel. And that law just went into affect on Friday but aside from that really when is enough, enough

I understand the Silvestri story features loopholes and lack of history checks, different states involved and everything but really, 11 OUIs???? I'm just glad he's not driving now.