There is a very good reason I have the Augusta Maine Police Department Facebook page set to always show up first in my newsfeed, and this is it. You literally never know what you're going to see.

I was casually scrolling through my phone last night while my wife and I were watching The Bachelor and I saw this. Apparently, according to their own post, making OUI arrests on lawnmowers isn't super-uncommon. What's uncommon, is that the arrest was made in February.

We don't have any details as to who the person was on the tractor, or where they were going. But part of me is wondering if it's that guy who is always riding up Anthony Ave and stopping for lunch at The Great Wall buffet?

Remember, NEVER drink and drive- even if it's on your lawnmower.

Flatbed photos by Travis Smith of Satewide Towing


Original photo taken by Lindsey Hayes

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