Anything we can share with you that will make even the slightest iota of your life easier, we will pass along. Well, what we're about to show you in this ridiculous video we did this morning is actually a result of a viral Tik-Tok post where the user tells you that you've been filling your trays wrong your whole life. Myself included.

If you're like me, then you just crank up the sink, hold the ice cube trays under the stream of water, and then frantically move them all around like you're seizing until they're all full. Right? Wrong.

Evidently, those little squares in between the individual ice slots is actually where you're supposed to let the water hit. If you do it dead center on the tray all of the cube slots will fill evenly without the need to move the tray around at all. I know it seems kind of silly and like it won't actually save you that much time, but it is still pretty sweet to try nonetheless.

Additionally, on the Moose Morning Show this morning, we asked our listeners to provide us with some of their best life hacks and, as usual, Moose Nation didn't disappoint. We learned everything from how to cut a kiwi into perfectly even portions to using baby powder as a dry shampoo. However, I think my absolute favorite hack was filling up your detergent cap with soap and then chucking the whole thing in the wash and leaving it in there for the whole cycle. How freakin' brilliant is that?

Check out some more of the life hacks that were shared with us during the show this morning and message us through the app if there is something we missed or should know about. We'll literally try anything. Well, within reason.

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