It was a glorious morning full of unboxing new toys and drinking piping hot coffee here at 92 Moose. If you haven't heard by now, our Keurig that we've been using for years and years here at the radio station finally decided to call it quits. To its defense, however, it was a personal at-home style Keurig and never intended to be used commercially like, you know, at a radio station.

Through the wonders of Google, Keurig Corporation ended up reading my story about the deceased Keurig and immediately jumped into action. They sent me an email right away saying that they wanted to send us their new Keurig K2500. Okay, that definitely doesn't suck!

Well, the newer brewer came in last night on the UPS truck at my house and it was literally like Christmas morning. Today, during the Moose Morning Show, Renee and I did an unboxing video and hooked the new rig up. Not only is it a beautiful new machine, but it can be plumbed into the water system, too! Additionally, the freaking thing has a screen saver so when you're not actively brewing a cup it is constantly displaying random photos of coffee and arracacha beans. So cool!

Watch below as we attempt to unbox and install this without even opening the instructions. That part was my idea.

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