If you haven't learned by now, I have an innate ability to destroy just about anything at any time. Well that streak of nonsense continued at my house over the weekend. You see, the weather was just nice Saturday and Sunday to not get outside and enjoy the weather while also getting some yard projects done. We raked, did a little mowing, cleaning up all the sticks that had blown down and lastly pulled the camper out.

During the winter months we keep our camper tucked in beside our house after we winterize it to protect it from the elements. Then, typically in April or May, we pull it out and park it back in the driveway to get it read for the upcoming camping season. Well, this year was no different than any other, except for one minor detail.

Remember last year when I spilled my family's crap all over the ground at Beaver Brook and then Shane over at Central Maine RV Rescue hooked me up with a beautiful new portable waste tank? Then remember how I decided to store it underneath the camper for the winter? The remember how when I pulled the camper out over the weekend I forgot to first remove the tank from under the camper? Then remember how the campers axles drove up over the tank an destroyed both wheels on the tank while simultaneously ripping the left rear stabilizer off my camper? Me too. I remember it all well.

Fortunately, everything that I destroyed yesterday appears to be (at least I think) repairable. I've replaces stabilizers on my camper before so this is nothing new. And honestly, that part isn't really difficult or all that expensive. It also allows me to upgrade and go to a much beefier stabilizer than what the camper originally came with. As far as the poo tank, it looks like it JUST destroyed the wheels, the tank does not appear to be broken or cracked. Now I just need to find new wheels for it and I'll be back in business.

In all reality, this could have been a whole lot worse and a whole lot more expensive so, at the end of the day, I'm not all that upset about it. Besides, if I got upset every time I accidentally broke something I would literally be upset all the time.

Happy Camping, Friends!



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