We spent the majority of the Thursday Moose Morning Show talking about the weirdest thing you've ever seen on the Facebook Marketplace. Well, one of our callers alerted us to this gem for sale in the Elm City.

Have you been having a hankering for a delicious McDonald's McChicken sandwich, but you don't want to pay the low and reasonable price offered at the restaurant? Are you looking to overpay for a preowned, though uneaten, sandwich from your favorite fast food joint? If so, we have found the deal of a lifetime for you.

Instead of paying a couple bucks at Mickey Dee's for a fresh one, why not drive to Waterville and buy this used one off the Facebook Marketplace for just $5. That's right, for only $5 you can be the proud new owner of this incredible decadent masterpiece.


However, this isn't where the story ends. As it turns out, the seller admits to being able to trade up to the coveted Travis Scott Burger! Now you're going to pay a little bit more for this particular preowned sandwich, but after-all, it IS the Travis Scott burger. If you're interested in this, you'll pay $15 or maybe you could even offer up some kind of trade if you want. Seems that most people selling things on the Facebook Marketplace are looking for ATVs or Jeeps in good condition. No lowballs! No Junk! I won't respond to lowballs! You know the drill...

If you end up picking up one of these used sandwiched, send us a message and a photo through the app. We love to see people supporting local sellers. Even if they're selling preowned fast food.

Travis Scott

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