Thanks to the owner of the NE Patriots, Robert Kraft, not one, not two, not three but four Maine healthcare workers will join other vaccinated healthcare workers from New England and fly on the Patriots jet to attend the Super Bowl.

There is a lot there to be excited about as one of those 80 people; flying on the New England Patriots jet and attending the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay.  I guess how any members of the group, who are also Tom Brady, fans might be extra excited to see Brady play in a Super Bowl yet again.

How did the four from Maine get this honor? The Maine Health Care Association and the Maine Hospital Association asked their members to put their names in if they wanted to go and met the requirements. The four names were then chosen at random.

According to WMTW the four are Joe Looper of Mercy Hospital, Cathy Bean of Northern Light Home Care & Hospice, Lisa Ireland of RiverRidge Center and Patrick Keaney with Mid Coast Hospital.

The New England Patriots organization wanted to say “thank you” to the healthcare workers in New England for all the hard work over the last year. They also said it was a way to encourage people to get vaccinated. Robert Kraft says being part of this and sending this group to the 2021 Super Bowl is an honor.

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