It was an interesting morning here at the Moose Morning Show. Now only did we learn a lot about our listeners, we also learned a lot about some foods we've never heard of before.

I think by now, you're all pretty well aware that my particular pallet is super-limited. Like, I barely eat anything at all kind of limited. Renee on the other hand, even though she now lives a primarily vegan lifestyle, has tried most of the things on the list the listeners put together.

The questions was, 'what is a food you wouldn't eat even if someone paid you $20?' The answers, as always, didn't cease to amaze. We saw a lot of sushi on the list this morning. Again, another food I have never and would never try, but a food that Renee said she has eaten many time before. Though she does say that sushi can be 'tricky'.

Another common comment this morning was liver. Every time I read one of those comments it made me instantly think about that episode of "Doug" where he had to eat liver and onions at Patty Mayonnaise's house. Again, another food I wouldn't think of eating but Renee has indeed had before.

Some other comments included blood sausage, pigs feet, pickled herring and dog treats. But the one that really turned my stomach (no pun intended) was tripe. Now, when I first saw the word pop up in our comment section, I wasn't even sure what the heck it was. So, naturally, I googled it. In retrospect, looking it up probably wasn't the best idea. If you're not familiar with what tripe is it is literally cow stomach. Additionally, you can also have 'honeycomb tripe' which apparently is the cow's second stomach. Yeah, I'm good.

Oh, and for the record, there were lots of seafood comments, too. Again, not for me either. I won't eat anything that comes out of the water...unless of course it's a drowned chicken.

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