One of the greatest things about passing summer storms here in Maine is the chance to see some really unique cloud formations in the sky.

Yesterday (7-23-20) we spent much of the day under a severe thunderstorm watch and depending on where you live, it didn't disappoint. Now sadly, out where I live in the booming metropolis of Windsor, we didn't see any of these wicked thunder-boomers yesterday, though we did get a period of heavy rain. Waterville however got a little bit more than we did- and frankly I'm a little jelly!

Moose listener, Kaitlin Anne, went out of her way yesterday to send us some really cool photos that she took of clouds over the Elm City. If I didn't know any better, I would say this is somewhere in the Midwest in a small town that was under a tornado warning. That is literally how intense and scary these clouds over the Ville looked.

The picture below was taken entering the on-ramp for I-95 on Kennedy Memorial Drive. Also, check out the new massive Damon's Beverage Mart and Redemption in the background. That's the former site of T&B's Outback Tavern. Those clouds off in the distance look incredible.


Here is another picture taken just moments prior to the first one. This photo is looking out to the West, again on Kennedy Memorial Drive, and these clouds look like they're about to unleash some serious precipitation. Oh, and +100 points to Kaitlin for getting Dunkin's sign in the shot. You're a pro!


Whether it's storm related or any other thing you think is cool or worth seeing, never hesitate to send photos along to us so that we may share with our audience. We'll always give you credit, too. Nothing better than having our listeners share awesome pictures and video with us. You can send them directly through our Facebook Page or the 92 Moose app.

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