We had a really great morning taking advice for the class of 2020 on the Moose Morning Show. Since Renee is on vacation this week, I've been struggling to stay focused and on task since I've been left alone, but you guys have been making sure I'm keeping my attention on the topic at hand- so thank you!

We're living in times the likes of which we, nor our high school children, have ever seen before. Sure, we've seen illnesses sweep around the world and we've had to take some extra preventative measures before, but nothing like this that I can remember.

It's been super-tough for us adults. Learning how to do our jobs from home, learning how to do fifth grade math and learning how to adjust to the 'new normal' as they say. I can only imagine how tough it has been for Maine's high school seniors as they have had to forego so many of the anticipated senior activities. There was virtually no high school sports season aside from fall soccer. The seniors who were so excited to play their last year on the basketball, baseball or softball teams never even got the chance.

How about all of the incredible events seniors are supposed to take part in? There was no class trip, there was no class night, there was no massive civic center graduation, and to top it all off, there was no project graduation party. Don't even get me started on these poor kids having to miss their senior prom.

It's true. As we list it out item by item, misses event by missed event, it becomes increasingly clear what a crappy hand the Maine class of 2020 was dealt when coronavirus entered the picture.

This is why we thought it was critically important to provide the best advice possible to our 2020 grads and we asked for your help this morning in doing so. Here are some of the Facebook comments we received!

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