November 1 is apparently cook for your pets day.  I am a dog person.  I gotta tell you…
I only cook for ShadowDog, who has a sensitive tummy, when he does not feel well.

Normally it is some ground turkey. I tried the turkey and rice but he would take a mouthful, spit it out on the floor and then eat the turkey and leave the rice!

But there are so many ‘homemade style’ dog foods in the pet food stores but they come at a cost.  You can make the food. But what do you include to make sure it is balanced for the long run? to the rescue.

As for human foods that you can just hand over...things like cheese, peanut butter and meats.  Check out the list of good/bad choices from the American Kennel Club.

Yes...I have had cats and all they wanted was some tuna or cheese and I learned from a sick kitty I had...cats seem to REALLY like the baby food meats! Horses? A carrot or apple always seemed to make them happy.

What is your pet into for food?  Post your answers at the 92Moose Facebook.

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