As we've all noticed there seems to be a big increase in shark attacks around the world.

Online platforms have been inundated with videos showing individuals being attacked by sharks in the open waters.

These incidents often occur when people inadvertently fall off boats or enter the water without realizing the presence of these sharks in their vicinity.

These vivid incidents are honestly freaking me out.

I recently was at Planet Fitness in Augusta and the girls behind the counter were chatting about the most recent public shark attack and I joined in on their conversation.

I had it in mind to just stay away from open waters this summer but one of girls told me there is way to track sharks in Maine. She shared that their are several free apps that will show you where the tracked sharks are on Maine's coast lines.

I found one called Ocearch, "Facts over Fear."  I am able to see, in real time, where the sharks are and more! This gives me such a relief when planning my summer beach trips with my son.

Check this out: the app will display the precise locations or pins, as they call it, of each shark, and what's amazing is that they've gone ahead and given them names. One is called Jekyll, Rose, Hali, and Anne Bonny.

Lizzy Snyder/Screenshot/Ocearch APP
Lizzy Snyder/Screenshot/Ocearch APP

Every shark in the app comes with a wealth of information.

Take Jekyll, for instance. Jekyll is a male shark, and the app gives deets about his species, stage of life, weight, length, and a description. The Ocearch company  pins and tracks these sharks, gathering data, and gives us the ability to see their current whereabouts.

I think it's an attempt to humanize the animals and lower our fear towards them. Of course, it's challenging to ever think of creating a personal connection when these sharks are actively attacking people, but I understand the intention behind it.

So if you're like me and need to know where the sharks are that have been tracked, join me and download the app! If anything, it gives you a piece of mind.

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