Who could resist the thrill of being locked in a room ready to reach into the depths of your soul to channel your inner Indiana Jones?

You can now attempt a daring escape with only clues and tools at your disposal.

Honey, it's time to dust off those MacGyver skills because Augusta's first escape room adventure is about to being!

Escape Augusta located at 11 Parkwood Drive in Augusta has officially been announced and they will be opening in mid-October, according to their website. Hurray!

The past decade we've seen escape rooms pop up all over the nation and eventually becoming a worldwide phenomenon. They are interactive experience that challenge you and your friends to work together to solve mysteries within a short amount of time to escape a decorated room.

It's like being in your own land of wonder!

You'll be able to book your tickets here once they open!

Escape Augusta keeps their Facebook page updated with the renovations allowing all of us to follow along on their progress before they officially open their doors to the public!

This amazing attraction was founded by Mike and Emily according to the site. This is a family run business and holds the honor of being Augusta's first. They want to offer customers an intensely amazing and interactive adventure, featuring an array of fun scenarios spanning various themes and levels of difficulty.

But what type of rooms are they offering? According to their website, the rooms they will be offering are below with more to come.

  • Wiseguy Express 
  • The Secret of The Toy Maker 
  • The Case of The Missing Pet 
  • Warped Perception

Keep your eye out for Escape Augusta and visit them on Facebook!

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