This is a story we brought to you about a week ago. It was fun because everyone was arguing with me about the official state bird being the 'Blackcapped Chickadee' because "that's what says" and "that's what's on our license plates". Yeah, I get it- settle down bro. Just because that's what you see and read doesn't ACTUALLY make it 100% official. In 1927 the good ol' Maine legislature decided the state bird would be the 'Chickadee' but they NEVER specified which species.

Fast forward 10 years or so to 2019 and here we are with a bill to have the state government finally decide on WHICH bird it will be- most likely Blackcapped, right? Wrong-o. The Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government voted unanimously to kill the bill. This means the State Bird will just be the 'Chickadee'. Maine.Gov will obviously be updated to reflect this new change. As for me? I still think the state bird is the mosquito.

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