High-Five to Payless for making a point. They set up a fake fancy-pants (that is to say high-end and expensive) shoe store call ‘Palessi’. Then the invited social media influencers to the grand opening.  (What is a ‘social media influencer’ you ask? Check this out.)

ALL the shoes  in 'Palessi' were from Payless. They had price tags you would expect from a high end shoe store but not what you would expect at your local Payless.

Payless went all in, they even created website and an Instagram. (Love it!)

‘Palessi’ was charging their guests/shoppers hundreds and hundreds of dollars for the shoes that can be purchased in Payless for well under $20.

After Payless/Palessi made their point…that their affordable shoes are fashionable…the influencers not only got their money back, Payless let them keep their shoe choices.

Good one, Payless.


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