I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday who works for the Augusta Police Department and was asking about police policy on cell phone use in vehicles. I recently heard that someone got pulled over looking at their phone at the Bangor Street/North Belfast Avenue stop light. That person got a $300 fine! So, here's the deal.

If a cop sees you texting while you're driving down the road, you're going to be pulled over and you WILL be fined, period. But that's not all!

You say, "but officer, I was checking my messages at a stop sign."

Too bad.

"But officer, I was at a red light and my Facebook Messenger went 'ding'."


"But officer, I was just checking my numbers to see what calls I missed."

Forget it.


But nothing! $300! THREE HUNDRED BIG ONES! Period...end of story. See you in court.

Tip: Save your time...pay the fine and don't go to court. Unless the officer doesn't show up (which they will 99% of the time), you're guilty.

If you don't have hands free/blue tooth, pretend you don't have a phone.

You CAN talk on your phone...but if you're looking at it, stopped or not, you're guilty.

You've been warned!

Gotta go....there's a cop behind me.................

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