Wheelchair Ninja, and all-around groovy guy,  Mike Conkright of Portland recently took Portland’s Mayor Ethan Strimling on a trip around his city…from a wheelchair. 

Mike and Mayor Strimling went on an outing in Portland for the Mayor to see first-hand how inaccessible the city can be for someone, like Mike, in a wheelchair.  This was to  help educate the Mayor on the challenges and to share ideas for improvements!

The video is a quick peek of their time together. Mike said the Mayor got stuck a few times and needed a little help, but did learn something.

Sometimes it is as simple as putting yourself in another place to see things from a different angle.  Thank you Mayor Strimling for doing just that.

Thank you Mike for helping to make the world, and one of my favorite cities, a better place.

FMI on Mike or have him consult for you, his email is  'mikeaccessconsult@gmail.com'

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