As well all know, winter is right around the corner. Summer is slowing saying farewell and the winds are changing. The leaves are starting to turn and fall onto the ground and our feet will become cold soon.

My go-to-gift to give for the holiday's are slippers or socks. It's easy and fits-all. So you will be happy to know that I was able to find a local moccasin artist that will fulfill your footwear dreams this year.

The company is called, EasyMoc. It is located in Lewiston, Maine and they have been making small-batch, handsewn mocs for over a decade. I was able to talk to Greg and he told me that they have been creating these beautiful mocs out of there workshop/garage and finally felt that it was time to build something special around their favorite products from their design archives.

EasyMoc via Facebook
EasyMoc via Facebook

Dave told me,

 We started with our Easymoc silhouette, which was originally designed 10 years ago - and we’re excited for it to finally be available in a handful of colorways/styles.

The Easymoc is a premium semi-mule style moc - equal parts house shoe, everyday shoe, and slipper.

Buttery soft leathers, vibram camp soles, and handsewn construction - each pair is made one at a time in our small Maine workshop by mocca- sin craftsmen with decades of handsewing experience.

Easymoc via Facebook
Easymoc via Facebook


To me, these are luxury moccasins. The fit is supreme and the style is gorgeous. All of this foot magic is coming straight outta Lewiston, my friends!

Greg told me they are excited about the future of their new line and have continue to hone and develop their hand crafted skills by slowly introducing styles that blend tradition, heritage, and modernity.

Easymocs are in select retailers around the world and their goal is to provide the best, hand crafted footwear for anyone who enjoys a well made product!

Please check them out, support their local craft and gift these mocs to yourself or others! Visit their Facebook, Instagram, or Website!

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