Even if you're on of those hoity toity types who never swears, there will be words you never thought you'd udder that come pouring forth from your pie-hole while assembling furniture.

Here's the thing my peeps, I thought I had this in the bag without the instructions. I didn't. But, there's a really good reason for my confident thought process.

With another baby due in July, we are quickly prepping our house for the arrival of another infant. In doing so, we had to order and assemble another crib from Target. This is literally the EXACT SAME CRIB our toddler sleeps in. Should be a freakin' breeze!

Since I have already assembled this identical crib just over two years ago, I thought that the assembly order and parts list was still fresh in my mind. Turns out it wasn't. Even though I was assembling this new crib while sitting NEXT to the other one- still no. I mean, sitting next to one already constructed should be better than any paper printed instructions, right? Nope.

I frigged up the order of the pieces going together and also used 65mm bolts where I should have used 80mm bolts. What does that mean? It means that I got all the way to the end of construction and realized the literal LAST bolt I needed was in fact the FIRST bolt I had used. I had to take apart the entire thing to get back to square one.

Long story still long, I ended up having to assemble this new crib twice. Once without instructions and once with. Turns out it actually went together better using the instructions. Not super manly of me, but that's okay. I'm not friggin' Bob the builder over here. I'm a DJ.

Anyone need help throwing away instructions and putting furniture together? Give me a holler.

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