Let's get real. Activities, sports, events, for our kids and youth are not cheap! One sport alone can drain your bank account.

Giving is a choice. It's a beautiful way of showing you care and recently a bundle of giving occurred for a very deserving cause!

According to WGME, the Kennebec Valley Uniform Bank, a local organization, did something outstanding to help all Scouts of Maine! As the article states, they gave away 300 Cub Scout and Boy Scout uniforms after collecting them at Goodwill stores!

This took place on Wednesday night. The cost of being a Scout is not cheap and sometimes parents could turn away from doing it for their child all together just because of the costs.

Chris Bernier of the Kennebec Valley Uniform Bank said,

For them to be able to realize that being a scout isn't inexpensive and then doing something about it, is awesome.

A mother named Macey Real said,

“Pretty important being a single mom. It’s definitely going to help out," said Macey Real of Clinton.

Scouts is all about learning life skills and how to do things you wouldn't normally do and then apply that to your life later on. Scouting takes you places that not many people have been to and gives you a full appreciation of teaching young kids to have high morals and respect for all.

I remember when I was a girl scout and earning my first badge was so exciting.
If you need a uniform, because they're are still some left, you can get in touch with Chris Bernier here!

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